Desing IT Architecture

Companies are faced with changing business requirements at high speed, with the requirement of costs control.

The Executive Directors are increasingly aware that the proper management and use of information through IT is critical to business success and gain competitive advantage.

We can help you create an environment consistent with real business needs, minimizing costs and optimizing resources through the best tools to get value and competitiveness in the business in order to impact positively on the efficiency of your company.

This service is based on creating highly scalable information systems that reflect and respond to the business needs of the organization. Qindel Group offers its extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that the hardware and software infrastructure designed provide significant business benefits visible in the results:

  • More efficient IT environment, ensuring greater capacity, lower costs and interoperability and enhanced and easier systems management.
  • Best current investment return and lower risk in future investments, to comprehensively optimize IT infrastructure.
  • Flexibility, scalability and security throughout the process, ensuring an infrastructure with the evolving needs of the corporation.


Our IT architecture solutions ensure high availability:

  • Reliability: in all components that are part of the designed solution, hardware, software, databases, web servers and applications.
  • Error detection: based on continuous monitoring of the system.
  • Recovery: Based on a disaster recovery plan, including preventive measures, detection and corrective measures.
  • Continuing operations: to ensure the level of quality of service.